Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Big Snow and a Big Blow

Here in Kansas....this week at my house
we had 4 inches of snow..and very cold
weather...from 6F to 14F

My grand daughter Paige making a snow
angel for me

Papa at the front door handing out the ice

Pampass grass out back

My little snow angel in my front
flower bed

Paige at the bend in the road

And now for the Big oldest
granddaughter called me with bad news about
my two youngest grandkids...she didn't know who
was taking care of them as mom has hit the road (again)
and dad is on a binge. That is my oldest son who is a
drug addict and has fallen off the wagon (again)
She was very worried about her little brother and
sister so grandma has them at my house (again)
I wish I could keep them forever....And here are a
couple of pictures of them.....

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