Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oh once again I have been tagged...

I've been tagged by my friend Carol over at Charlie and Me.. You really must get over there and pay her a visit . And she thinks she is being followed so be careful. I think she might be a little paranoid! This is how the tag works.......Share seven random or weird Book facts about yourself. Then tag seven other people. Notify the seven others that they have been tagged.

1. The first book I ever remember reading was my mother's Better Home and Gardens Medical Book. She says that I used to hide and read this book and stare at all the pictures (especially of the pregnant women) Must be why I grew up to be a nurse.

2. I usually do not read books over and over again. If I have read it once then I really can't get into reading it again.

3. An exception to #2 is my collection of children's books. They are the books that I read to my kids when they were young and I am now reading them to my grand kids.

4. I can't help myself but about half-way through a book I read the last chapter. I've done this all my life. I just don't like surprises. (I think I share this fate with Carol at Charlie and Me!)

5. I belong to the Paperback Swap Club and it is the best way in the world to get and get rid of paperback books.

6. My favorite Christmas present ever is a collection of autographed paperbacks by
Joel Goldman that my son got me two years ago (I just came from his site and see that book
#5 is finally out....I must get it!)

7. I read the complete collection of Lemony Snicket books. I bought them a few years ago for my grand daughters and when they came I couldn't help but start to read them. I read the whole collection before I gave them must go check out this web site. These books are so weird and fascinating and the girls loved them.

Now the people that I am going to tag are:

1. Jodi at Beacon of Hope
2. Mindy at LadyBug Farm
3. Nurseexec At Driven to Distraction
5. Charlene at Crazy Charlenes-in-Ar
6. Dawn at 4:53
7. Vee at A Haven for Vee
I hope you will come and play and leave me a post so I can come visit your post!


  1. Oh finally a fun FUN tag! I am excited to do this one. I LOVE books!!!!

  2. Oh I will play...perhaps one day next week. Thanks for tagging me; this looks like an interesting one. Lemony Snicket, eh?

  3. Definitely me! I'm working on this one off line, you may see it in a few days. Thanks for the tag :)

  4. i haven't dropped off the end of the earth~~just overdid it and have been in bed since thursday
    i'm leaving wednesday for altanta to visit my brother so i may not be back until next weekend

    i'll pick up the award then~~

    thanks a bunch


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