Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Enough Enough Enough

Okay this is my blog and I am going to write about something that is irritating me! All the hoopla over Barrack the black people in the USA want to keep race out of everything but they just can't keep race out of this. I am sick of hearing about him being the first black president.....who cares. He's just a man. Puts his pants on the same way everyone else does. Has good days and has bad days....his past wasn't much different than yours or mine. He grew up pretty good and has had a pretty privileged had most president-elects. They aren't like us no matter how much they want us to believe they are. He is 5o% white. Why don't we hear about that? You are right..I didn't vote for him . I didn't feel like this year I really had much of a choice on who to vote for. But I sure didn't want Barrack Obama. And it doesn't have a dang thing to do with the color of his skin. It has everything to do with my fear of who he is and what he will do to this country. But I am more than willing to give him a chance and see what he does. But as for my support....nope not gonna give him that until he does something to prove that he really has this country's best interests at heart. I am not too proud to say I was wrong about him but he has to do something first.
Now about Barbara Walters and The View...I have turned them off. I have been saying for a long time that I was through with them but now I mean it. What ever happened to the tough questions asked by Barbara Walters? She used to cause fear among political candidates. But not she just kisses their behinds. It is time to retire Barbara. And I was the biggest fan ever of Joy Baher but I am sick of her too....if this is what this TV show needs to do to draw viewers then I guess it is just time to exercise my freedoms in this great country of ours and turn them off. Wow that felt so good to say that!
I am happy to live in the greatest country in the world. I am happy to see that we are moving forward in the fight against racism but Mr. Obama is just causing the rift to continue . Let's stop referring to him as a black president and just refer to him as The President. I am sick of it!

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