Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cheers to all us thieves!
Sunday Stealing: The Seven Layer Meme

Tell us your...

* Name:* Paula

Birthday (month, day): April 8

* Birthplace:* Nashville, Kansas

Current location:* Kansas

Eye color:* Brown

Hair color:* Brown with blonde highlights

Height:* 5' 10"

Righty or lefty:* Righty

Zodiac sign: Aries


What's...* Your heritage:* German, Indian

The shoes you wore today:* Avia nursing shoes

Your weakness:* food

Your fears:* mice

Your perfect pizza:* Supreme

Goals you’d like to achieve:*Retirement

Your first waking thoughts:* Shoot I have to go to work

Your best physical feature:* legs

Your most missed memory: talking with my mom


Do you...*

Smoke:* Quit 9 years ago

Cuss:* yes

Sing:* I love to sing and I don't care how I sound

Do you think you’ve been in love:* a couple of times

Did you go to college:*yes...I have an associate in nursing
Liked high school:* no

Want to get/stay married:* don't know if I want to but I will stay married and I will never marry again!

Believe in yourself:* not always

Think you’re attractive:* sometimes

Think you’re a health freak:* No way...I wish I were more so

Get along with your parent(s):* both are dad when I was only 8 and my mom two years ago...we got along okay

Like thunderstorms:* nope

Play an instrument: nope


In the past month have you… *

Drank alcohol:* yes....

Smoked:* nope

Done a drug:* ibuprofen is as strong as it gets

Made out:* nope

Gone on a date:* nope

Gone to the mall:* nope Gads I am boring.....

Eaten an entire box of Oreos:.* maybe not the whole box at one time

Eaten sushi:*Good Lord no

Been on stage:* nope

Been dumped:*nope

Gone skating:* nope

Gone skinny dipping:* not in the past month...

Stolen Anything: nope

LAYER 5: Have you ever…

* Played a game that required removal of clothing:* yes./...strip Scrabble

Been trashed or extremely intoxicated:* many a time

Been caught “doing something”:* like what?

Been called a tease:* a time or two

Gotten beaten up:* nope but I have beat someone up

Shoplifted: nope

* Age you did get/hope to be married:* the first time I was 18...too young...second time 45

Numbers and names of children (either you have or want):* 2 boys...Daniel and Justin 1 adopted daughter Heather

Describe your dream mate:* very very rich

How do you want to die:* quickly and before I end up in a nursing home

What did you want to be when you grow up:* I wanted to be the lady that sold cookies at the grocery store

What country would you most like to visit: I'd like to go back to Thailand

LAYER 7: Now tell...

* Name a drug you’ve taken illegally: smoked marijuana once

* Name a person you could trust with my life:* my brother Fred

Name a favorite CD that you own:* Kenny Rogers Greatest Hits

Number of piercings:* one in each ear

Number of tattoos:* none yet

Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper:* 2-3 maybe

Name a past experience that you regret: getting married so young


  1. Strip Scrabble...I love the idea of that one!

  2. Strip SCRABBLE?? That's a new and cool one on me :) Have a great week, Paula :)

  3. Mmmmmm cookies!

    I have never played strip scrabble before.

  4. "I wanted to be the lady that sold cookies at the grocery store." How sweet! And do you bake cookies?

    Have a wonderful Sunday!


  5. Great answers--happy Sunday Stealing!

  6. Besides Elvis, Kenny Rogers is one of my favorite singers. I got to see him in concert about 8 or 9 years ago. I fought my way to the front and got to shake his hand when he was singing Lady. I cried like a baby!! I was just so thrilled to be that close to him & have him actually shake my hand. My hubby caught one of the frisbees he through out into the audience. We were in the 10th row. It was an awesome experience!


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