Sunday, October 19, 2008

Who is a Blogger?

Well that is a question if I had been asked a year ago I would have said "A what?" My "A" daughter, Heather had sent me the link to a blog that her sister-in-law writes, M&M Farm Life,
some time ago and I looked it over and it looked like a diary about her life. And then Heather started her own blog, My Heavinly Stampations, about her stamping business as well as her family life.....and I thought to myself "I need to do this" So therefore the birth of Paula's Place. But that is not all that happened. I started to read other blogs. And to learn how to search out blogs that interested me. And Wow! There are simply millions of people out there who blog. And they are from all parts of the world. And they blog about everything and anything. I have gone on travels with some while reading their blogs and it has been fascinating. I have cried over some of the posts that I have read. And I have laughed out loud at some. I have peeked into people's mental health issues...their physical health problems....their loves and their losses. I have discussed politics with some (politely of course) and just simple little comments about their blog sites. I discovered MEMEs and these make my blogging easier as well as fun. And I have met others who enjoy the memes. So to answer my own question about Who is a Blogger? I think everyone is the world is a blogger or can be if they try.

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  1. Blogging is definitely my hobby. I'm not much for crosstitch, needlepoint, or rug hooking, LOL! Neat post.


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