Saturday, November 1, 2008

1. Were you raised around a lot of sports? Not of my brothers played football and baseball but that was about it...I found that sports were not something I was good at and not really something I was even interested in.

2. What is your favorite sport? I love to watch ice skating....

3. When did you last play a sport? well if bowling counts...I used to bowl on a league about 1o years ago..

4. When did you last attend a professional sporting event and what was it? When my kids were little we took them once to the Kansas City Royal Baseball Stadium for a game...It was enjoyed by all. I mostly loved my beer and hot dog!

5. What was the last sport you watch on TV? The Basketball game that was won by Kansas University

6. If you have children, do they play the same sports that you did? If not, someday if you have kids, would you like them to? Both my boys played soccer, the youngest played basketball and football in high school and then he went on and played in college.

7. Do you think other people care too much about sports? Probably some do

8. Do you have the freedom to be as involved in either playing or watching as much sports as you’d like to?
Yes I have as much freedom as I want...also the freedom not to watch or play

9. Who is your favorite sports team? I really don't have one


  1. Yes you have the freedom not to watch! Well put. Happy November...

  2. I love to watch iceskating too!

    You can find my answers ::here::.

    Have a nice sunday.

  3. I love watching ice skating as well! Have a great Sunday :)


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