Sunday, October 12, 2008

Our 2008 Halloween Decorations

My husband loves to decorate in the front yard for Halloween. Several years ago he bought the pumpkin and last year the scarecrow. I kid him about them being "White trash" (mean no harm to anyone) decorations but he loves putting them up for the grandkids. And believe me they love them...


  1. Your yard looks wonderful.


  2. I love your decorations. They are absolutely spooktacular!

  3. My hubby also loves halloween! He wants to turn the front yard into a graveyard, of all things. Last year he sent me the cutest Halloween bouquet from Edible Arrangements--chocolate covered ghosts made out of melon...mmmmmm!

  4. The scarecrow would look great all year round in the middle of a vegetable patch! x


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