Thursday, October 9, 2008

One of my many Loves

I love to mom used to tell people that I would read anything and everything that I could get my hands on. I remember learning how to read in the First grade. My teacher's name was Miss Boughner. She was so young and so pretty (although at the time I thought she was really, really old) But I can remember when reading first started to click for me and I had to practice everywhere I went. At home I would read the labels on the cans; going to the grocery store with mom gave me plenty of things to read. Mom had one of those giant Better Homes and Garden medical books and I used to love to "steal" it and read it when no one was looking. It used to have some of the most awesome pictures I had ever seen of pregnant women. I loved to read all about different diseases and cures. Maybe that is where my love of medicine came from and that is what eventually led me to nursing school as a vocation. (I still think it was about the money, though). I have never quit reading. Now though most of the reading I do is for enjoyment. My favorite kinds of books are mysteries or suspense. I am not really into love/romance reading, although a well written novel about love and romance is okay once in awhile. I can't stand the predictable ones where the poor heroine of the story meets the awful man who she falls in love with and he becomes her prince and they live happily ever after ie: Harlequin Romances....My favorite authors have been James patterson (love all the Alex Cross and Women's Murder Club books); Stephen King; Robin Cook, John Grisham; Dean Koontz..One of my favorite Christmas presents of all time was a couple of years ago when my youngest son Justin tied a ribbon around 4 paperback books by Joel Goldman, an author from the Kansas City area, that he had went to a book signing and had signed for me...My newest find is Jodi Picoult. Love her style. I am making my way though all of her books favorite so far being My Sister's Keeper

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