Monday, October 20, 2008

Flu Shots

I work in a nursing home. We just finished giving all of the residents their flu shots. Quite a job also, as we have 120 residents, and our policy is to monitor their temperatures every 8 hours for 24 hours after giving the injection and then filling out a form that documents all of this which then goes into their chart. Now the question is:
Should I take the flu vaccine myself? I know this sounds like a dumb question for a nurse to ask, but in 25 years of nursing, I have never taken it. Last year I had the flu (undiagnosed by a doctor, but nevertheless it was the flu) and I sure don't want to be that sick again.....but I just can't make up my mind if I should take the shot or not.....What do you think?


  1. Hi Paula. You've touched on an annual dilemma I've struggled with for years. Although I worked with the public for 26 years and my doctor would urge me to get a flu shot each October, I'd ignore that advice and go without. Did I get the flu? Many times. So last year Hubby and I had our very first flu shots. It was quick and painless. Did I get last year's flu? we will repeat last year's decision and offer our arms up for the shot.

  2. Boy, we are in sync. Today, we vaccinated OUR 120 patients, LOL! Always a PIA, but at least we get it done all at once. I had the flu 5 years ago, and I religiously take my flu shot every year--that flu knocked me on my butt!

  3. Paula,

    You had better get one. It was a year this past January that my family did not get one and my son got the "Super Virus" and almost died. The Neurologist said that if he'd had the flu shot that fall, he'd not gotten so sick. He almost had all of the symptoms of spinal meningitis, but it wasn't it. Thanks to a great Neurologist, and God's will and answered prayers he's alive today.

    Thanks for your sweet comments!

    Joy Tubb

  4. Hello, Paula...

    I think this is life. Up and down, dilemmatic...
    But, enjoy them!
    You are a 25year good nurse, and no one gonna under estimate your work. So, just keep doing your best....

    Just walk....and smile... :)

    Good luck!

    Mira Maulia

  5. Hi Paula,
    I worked in a hospital for 26 1/2 years and I never got a flu shot. It is a difficult decision to make.


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