Thursday, October 16, 2008

Closer to a choice?????

Well, I listened to part of the debate last night while at work. And I am no closer to deciding who I am going to vote for than I was. I love to hear Obama speak. He is so smooth. So articulate. But can we trust him? What about his Muslim background? That haunts me. Coould he have been prepped for this role all of his life? Is there a cover-up that hasn't yet been found? And what about his wife? Did she really never feel proud of America until her husband became a canidate for president? And will he tax us too much? Oh so many questions that I still don't have the answer too. Now about McCain....he seems okay, but I am worried about his age. Being the president of the United States is hard on a man. (Look how much George Bush aged in 8 years; look at Bill Clinton). And I just do not think that I want Sarah Palin as the president if something (God forbid) would happen to McCain. And we have had a Republican in the White House for 8 years and the country is in the worst shape that it has ever been in. Oh...what to do! Oh...what to do!


  1. Good thoughts!

    I know who I am going to vote for, but that is probably not a big surprise. Slick speaker often = well I will not say it.

    Interesting surmises though!


  2. Not a big surprise since you are married to a staunch Republican LOL

  3. Now that is a funny comment coming from someone also married to a staunch Republican! LOL. and who has or at least used to have not sure any more, but used to have a staunch Republican Son to boot!!!!

  4. Yep all Republicans over here but little ole me :)

  5. Here's an interesting site to read, re: Obama's supposed muslim background:

    Think about this...imagine if you were judged on things your parents did or didn't do or were...

  6. Janet I appreciate your comments....and I have been judged my entire life for the things my parents did or didn't do. I'm not judging him for the things his parents did or didn't do. My fear is that HE IS A MUSLIM. And I just don't trust him.


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