Monday, November 5, 2018


Outside my window...

Today is a gorgeous autumn day in Kansas. The wind is blowing a bit but that is not unusual here. The sky is blue and there is some coolness in the air. It is currently 59*. We have more rain moving into the area. But today is beautiful. 


I have been doing a bit of pondering lately. I have cleaned out my social media of people who I feel are toxic to my well-being. (I know some of you will go look to see if you are still on my list) Some are family. Some have been long time friends. Who needs it?? Life is too short for me to continue to hope you will see me as 'good enough' to be a part of the group. Just too short. 


I have finally gotten caught up on A Million Little Things and New Amsterdam. Both really good new shows. Both emotional. But who doesn't need a good cry now and then?

Reading or Listening....

I am listening to a freebie from Kindle Unlimited (well since I pay for Kindle Unlimited I guess we can't call it a freebie) The Widow's Watcher by Eliza Maxwell. I am enjoying it. It is the tale of woman who has lost her husband and all three kids in a plane crash. While on her way to end her own life she comes across a reclusive older gent who has his own deep mystery. 


There is nothing much creative going on around this house. 


I really don't have much in the plans either. (I must be boring). I sent out a text to all my family recently that I was not going to host a Thanksgiving dinner this year. Surprisingly (or maybe not so surprisingly) there was not much push back. It is hard to get a day that agrees with everyone so I just decided I didn't want to try. I hear Swanson's has a good turkey TV dinner. LOL!


What's in the kitchen...

I have been using what I have in the kitchen and today I am going to the grocery store. So I plan to make some stews, soups, and chilies. That is how I roll in the winter. I am still loving Clicklist, so I just need to drive up and wait for them to load it up. Then drive home and unload it. They have finally started doing delivery here but it is $11.95. I can drive there and back many times before I use that much gas. But, I'm not ruling that out if the weather outside gets frightful! 

A quote to share...

Photos to share...
The road I walk 2-3 times a day 

My house

This quirky  little fellow

A final thought...


  1. Glad you're having good weather. So sorry you don't have a good Thanksgiving crowd. Perhaps one of them will host a dinner and invite you. That'd be cool, right?

  2. We still don't have pick up grocery service, never mind delivery!

  3. Our weather is still miserable here. I agree with what you are pondering. Life is too short and I am tired of listening to racists and misogynists. I hope tomorrow's election brings real change.

  4. Yep, definitely planning on voting! I'll be glad when this election is over; lots of money spent on political ads here and I'm tired of all the texts I'm getting to remind me to vote; like I would forget to vote, LOL :)

    Glad the day was a good weather one; makes up for the times when it will be cold and dreary.

    Whenever I'm at Fry's, I see their employees getting orders ready for Clicklist. I'm going to try it one time; looks like a great service!

    We don't know what we are doing for Thanksgiving yet. We've gotten used to rolling with what comes our way, including just the two of us, which sometimes is a better celebration than with too many others.


  5. We have reached the point in Vietnam where my summer clothes are comfortable, and we don't need to have fans or AC on all the time. It's beautiful and refreshing.
    Occasional rain, but every keeps talking about the rainy season still to come. The internet says it already started. Can't believe everything you read from Google!

  6. Well I am seeing this post on Voting Day ... I voted last week in early voting. Now I just need to hope (and pray) that good changes happen. Our weather will be bad - turn out may be impacted.

  7. Oh man, that bottle of Bailey's looks soooo good! (Jus' pass me a straw, please?) I was looking at that book just the other day! So far behind in my reading, I'm on the fence about another download. I love your flagpole!

  8. I often get free books for my Kindle from Amazon, so I'l look out for the one you are reading. I don't have Kindle Unlimited, but there are other free books offered. I've enjoyed a lot of them. Most by authors I've never heard of, but now and then some are by my favorites too. We still do a family gathering for Thanksgiving, but it is not hosted by me anymore. My children that live here in Ohio took over the holidays a few years back and rotate hosting them. Not everyone can always come due to time and distance, but those of us than can try to make them. I love that they decided to do the hosting. They have a lot more room in their homes than I do now. I love your sweet little quirky friend!

  9. Thanks for the tip on the book you are listening too. I love to read rather than listen to a book. I have many books saved in my Kindle library. I enjoy reading your blog

  10. I'll have to see if I get A Million Little Things. I'm loving New Amsterdam! My oldest son and his family are going to PA for Thanksgiving so my other son and my daughter and her family are going out to eat. No leftovers, but also no cooking & dishes to wash.

  11. It's been a long time since I've ready anyone's blog, Paula, but yours is the one I always want to come back to. I agree that life's too short to deal with toxic people and that holiday dinners can get to be too difficult or stressful to plan. This year, my husband and I were on Maui over Canadian Thanksgiving so the two of us went to a luau and sat at a table with a bunch of strangers. Best Thanksgiving ever! Expensive, but the show and the food were awesome, there was no stress on me, no house to clean, no food to prep/cook, no muss, no fuss! On another subject, how do you feel about yesterday's election results...?

  12. Yep life is too short to get caught up in all the nonsense on social media.

  13. I stopped following some long time friends...just too political for me. Tell me about your sunrise your kids and forget the rest. Everyone has an agenda I guess.
    I am not cooking for Thanksgiving either...there will be a buffet someplace:)

    1. I certainly hope you aren't suggesting (and it sounds as if you are) that urging people to get out and vote is somehow furthering an "agenda!"
      Our lives are influenced and affected by those elected. Don't let others make those selections for you!
      I urged readers to vote myself. Bullet points and issues argued in an election season will touch on any blog theme.

  14. So i'm looking forward to Thanksgiving this year because I finally get to have some turkey skin. I know that sounds weird but I love some crispy buttery turkey skin and for the last 7 years, I've only had turkey breast. My inlaws always host the holiday and that's what she makes every year. I told her last month that I would provide the turkey so I could have the skin and my sislaw could have some dark meat. My father n law was apparently thrilled that I mentioned this because he also loves dark meat and has missed it. HAHA. So now I am excited where before I dreaded the boring turkey breast.
    I love Baileys in my hot chocolate- so good!

  15. I did the same thing recently - unfriended some people at FB - I just couldn't stomach their beliefs anymore. I'm not sure what we will do for Thanksgiving. My husband usually goes over to see his sister on that day. And I stay here and just eat whatever. I'm fine with it. We have a cat that I cannot leave overnight - and we have no one here to take care of him for us.
    As far as new shows - I'm really enjoying God Friended Me and The Good Doctor!

    Linda in VA


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