Tuesday, May 1, 2018

May ! Currently....

Outside my window...

I think we have finally arrived in spring! But with spring comes bad weather in Tornado Alley! Today is one of those kinds of days. It is dreary. No rain yet! Temperature is 77* and the winds are blowing! Supposed to have the 'possibility' of bad weather later today.


OMG there is always so much to ponder. But I just can't get to it all. Our dear leader of the United States is all over the news today (as usual) bashing the free press. Anything he doesn't like is a Witch Hunt. I wonder what will we believe once this is all over. Will it have been for naught? Or will we find that we have the most crooked president ever? I'm voting for the later. Sorry to all my Trump loving friends. While there are some things he has done well (excuse me while I try to ponder this) he has slandered and bashed so many that I just cannot really understand how he has people who still like him. It's just a mystery to me. But......


Who is watching Dancing With the Stars? Me! Me! Although I have to admit I'm not as enthused about all the athletes this go-around. I am stunned that Kareem did not get eliminated last night. He has a huge fan base. I'm glad they are giving Tanya Harding a chance. I think she has paid her dues to society and it is time to move on!


I'm reading/listening to The Last Thing She Ever Did by Gregg Olsen. And I'm still working on Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Caroll. 


I am creating space! This weekend I cleaned out one side of Richard's closet. There were 54 boxes of canceled checks!!! And an entire box of cash register receipts. I knew the man was a pack rat but really! I have been shredding checks! Big job! God Bless his soul :)


Oh my goodness there is so much I am learning. And I am not yet ready to share. So there's that!


We are planning a Graduation Party. On May 12th. Saying Goodbye to high school. She says it can't come soon enough. Wonder what she thinks college is going to be like??

What's in the kitchen...

I've been terrible at meal planning lately. Harley is gone more than she is home. She is doing her nursing home clinicals after school these past weeks. So it is just me. And I don't feel the need to plan for one. YET! I will be sharing a recipe when I do my April Favorites. Stay tuned!

A quote to share...

If only it were that easy Walt!


Harley and Isaiah
Her Senior Prom

Taken downtown

Granny with Harley

Paige and Blake
Her Senior Prom
Paige with her daddy

A final thought...

I cannot say it often enough. Time is flying by. We need to pay attention to all the little details of our lives and love the ones who are in it. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us.

Happy May


  1. Harley and Paige were gorgeous at their proms! Handsome dates! Hope they all had fun!

    Oh wow with all you shredded! I bet your hand got tired of feeding things through it. We broke a shredder with all that we were shredding of hubby's parents' papers. They saved everyone of their yearly income tax returns from the time they got married in 1947! It is a good feeling though to release some things like that, especially if you don't need them anymore. Does free up space.

    There's more freedom in college, and of course with that comes more accountability. It will be a fun interesting time for Harley! At least she got some courses under her belt so to speak while she was in high school!


    1. Ha! Ha! It's the accountabilty part I am worried about!

  2. The Last Thing She Ever Did is on my "maybe" list. So many books...

    54 boxes of canceled checks and a box of receipts? Sounds like my husband.

    Looking forward to your recipe!

    I agree 100% with Walt!

    Great prom photos!

    Love your final thought. I say that all the time.

    1. I just finished The Last Thing She Ever Did...quite a book. The ending was abrupt. Dang I forgot the recipe. Now I have to go add it. Or maybe it will be a post of it's own. That's it!!

  3. High school graduation is so early! Wow!

  4. Great picture of the two of you. And I do love Paige's earrings.

  5. That idiot cluttered up a local community last Saturday night and I had to keep turning off the radio on Sunday to avoid hearing his nonsense about 'shutting down the country'.. Yeah, all the beer drinking yahoos in my state just love him.
    I just downloaded TLTSED (got that?) so look forward to what you think about it as it may be awhile before I get to read it.

    It is 85 here and now it is just too hot.

    1. Today is 76* here. That is what I hate. From winter directly to hot!

  6. Harley and Paige look lovely in their prom finery <3

    I haven't visited in a while and I've missed you. I also haven't been blogging and have taken my blog down for now. Not sure when/if I will resume...

  7. Paige and Harley look stunning, and their dates are cute ... but my fav is the one of you and Harley. That look on your face! :)))

    54 boxes? Yow! When all the #*&@# paper we'd accumulated seemed overwhelming I called Staples -- they (and OfficeDepot) provide shredding services for only 99-cents a pound.

    Love your final thought; my hairdresser was saying something like that just this morning.

    1. I am almost done with the shredding. We do not have a Staples here. I'm looking forward to May

  8. Ah, prom. It is that time of year, isn't it?

  9. The girls look lovely with their dates. My favorite picture is you and Harley. Really, grandma, you should be very very proud of the lovely child (now woman) you raised.

    And the man who sits in the Oval Office - total distain - but what really make me sad is the support he receives.

  10. I love your closing words in your post today and agree, time is to short. I thought the days flew by with my own children, but now with my grandchildren they were gone in a flash. We really do need to treasure every moment we can. I can totally relate to your shredding I did a lot of that before I moved over a year ago now. Sad to say I'm accumulating new things and need to get busy shredding before it turns into a major job.

    1. That's what I'm afraid of. Just keep accumulating!!

  11. Yes, time is short. I always tell myself that when I am wishing the workday away! It's still my life minutes whether I am working or not!

  12. I totally agree with everything you wrote about Trump. I swear, my blood pressure goes up every time I turn on the news or read (attempt to read) the front page section! I truly cannot understand anyone who truly listens to him and still supports him..

    Off my soap box now!

    Wanted to say I went and got that Clinique moisturizer you talked about! And it is working fine - no irritation at all! So thank you!

    Linda in VA

    1. I'm glad you are enjoying the moisturizer.

  13. My extent of meal planning is deciding on several meals from one restaurant, so that I only have to pay one delivery fee! This morning, I ordered a croissant (breakfast), a salad, and a sandwich (lunch and supper, in either order) from one restaurant so my day is taken care of! It's terrible, but our kitchen is obstructively small, with no room for appliances like a crock pot or even a coffee maker! I'm looking forward to moving this month!


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