Monday, June 19, 2017

My Current Life List

Looking out my window..

We woke up to a cloudy day but the clouds have moved out and the sun is shining. It is 77* out and that is what we call a nice summer day in Kansas. Possibly may be some rain this afternoon. And that will be okay too!!


My brother left on Saturday. That was two days earlier than he planned to leave. But I have found that he gets 'itchy' to get home. He got to visit everyone he wanted to see. And had some dinners out with his friends. He caught up with family. And we visited a lot too! Even had time for a couple of 'mild' political discussions. He is now back home in Louisiana! And I have the summer ahead of me to ponder......


I am still looking into Bullet journals. I think I would like to give it a try. And when I do I will share it here with all my friends.


I'm really not doing much in the way of creating. I am keeping busy with Harley and her job and her boyfriend. I am texting Darian daily. That is so nice after four months of only getting an occasional text and letter from him. Seeing him in Georgia helped with my missing him so much. He left Fort Benning at the end of last week and is now settling into his first duty station in Fort Campbell, Kentucky. (Or Tennessee. It straddles across both state lines). I haven't received an address yet so I am not sure which it will be called. He will finish a couple weeks of 'reception' and then be able to apply for a two week leave home. And you can bet we are looking forward to that!


I have totally given up on reading for the moment. I do not know if I will go back to Imagine Me Gone by Adam Haslett. It wasn't a bad story. It just didn't hold my interest. I am currently listening to a couple of books on Audible. 1)The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k  by Mark Manson and 2) The Second Mrs. Hockaday by Susan Rivers. Both are good so far. 


I have spent a fair amount of time watching MSNBC and CNN. I am fascinated with all the Trump news. Maybe that is not a good thing. But I do love politics. And it is probably not a good idea to get into a rant here. Today, anyway!!


skies over the city

skies over my house

over my house


From the Turning Blue Ceremony


I am once again drinking my favorite tea. Turkey Hill Peach Tea. But what I have discovered this year is it is way too sweet. I think that is because I have totally given up drinking pop and drink mostly water. So I 'water' the tea down with half peach tea and half straight cold brewed iced tea. Yum!!


Monday...Ham and Cheese Sandwiches, Fruit

Tuesday...Chicken Noodles and Corn on the Cob

Wednesday..Salisbury Steak and Zucchini 

Thursday...Vegetable Stew (Thanks Wendy)


Saturday...Baked Sweet Potato and poached egg

Sunday...Millionaire Spaghetti


What I'm loving on You Tube...

I have been watching a lot of BoHo Berry. She has some really awesome videos on Bullet Journaling. 

A peek into my week...

Things are going to be busy this week. Harley starts swim lessons (she helps with the pre-school lessons at our local pool). She will have eveing sessions Monday-Thursday. So her work schedule at McDonald's will go to early mornings on those days. And, of course, she has to fit in the boyfriend in the middle of the days. They are currently at the zoo and a picnic in the park. Sweet! She will be leaving for South Florida on June 30 for a 10 day church mission trip. I will give you a run down of what her schedule looks like when that time draws closer.

A final thought...

One of my big lessons this summer is I'M NOT AS YOUNG AS I USED TO BE.  You are probably saying, "no kidding." But that fast trip (over five days) to Georgia (more than 2,000 miles in the car) and a 10 day visit from my brother has me pretty worn out. I just can't seem to get enough sleep. Or enough naps. And that is where you will find me the remainder of this week. Napping. Taking life easy. Or driving Harley to and fro. (Unless I can get the boyfriend to do some of these trips). I hope you are all well. And I hope you are enjoying your summer. 


  1. WOW re. those skies!
    I can sure identify with your need to decompress. Any more, when my routine's disrupted for more than a day, my mind and body start to pout and I'm not such a pleasant person to be around.

    So glad Darien is well on his way to a new career. That will be pretty exciting having him home on vacation!

    1. I've been thinking about you tonight. I watched the news and it was talking about the heat in Phoenix. I thought oh how Myra will hate that. 122* That is crazy! Take care my friend and try to stay cool!

  2. The tea thing is something my mother always does. When she goes out to eat, she asks if the tea is sweetened. If it is, she wants half regular tea, half sweetened tea.

    I saw this video on how CNN is now about arguing and that's upped its ratings. I can't find it now. It was rather fascinating.

    I've got to say, I've been loving your tweets lately.

    1. Uh oh! Sometimes I forget people can see my Tweets. I need to try not to rant so much. He just makes me so furious!! Hope you are enjoying your summer!

  3. I liked that menu item sweet potato and poached egg. I like both and haven't had either of them (or even together) in a long time. Great pictures from your phone, especially of Darian! Sounds like he has a good first assignment; hoping you guys get to see him again soon! If you don't rest between now and then, you'll have a bit of a break when Harley is gone on her mission trip. Coming up very soon!


    1. Sweet potatoe and poached egg came from our Whole 30 days. Very good together!! Yes, I am thinking the time that Harley is gone will be good for a break for m!

  4. Brother missed his kids (fur babies) and needed their companionship. Was a good trip and good visit and if I am able the next one will be 7 days with 4 travel days. We'll see. Love ya and thanks

    1. Maybe if you would stretch out your travel days it would be better for you! I know that I don't want anymore of those long, long driving days. I'm just too old for that!

  5. Hey Paula,
    Absolutely loved the pics of the gorgeous skies over your house. And Darian looked so handsome at his Turning Blue Ceremony! He looks so young. I'm sure it's really hard to be away from him, worrying about his safety and well-being.

    I have never heard of bullet journaling so will need to check into that. I've tried to journal so many times and I start off with great intentions to do it every day and it works for a few days and then I just lose interest.

    Hey, you have to give me your twitter handle. I don't get political on Facebook or on my blog but I sure do on Twitter! And I'm an MSNBC gal all the way. I watch Rachel Maddow just about every night and usually catch some of Lawrence O'Donnell and Brian Williams too. During the day I often have it on for background and enjoy catching Chuck Todd for MTP Daily. Chris Matthews gets on my nerves because he CONSTANTLY interrupts his guests! Drives me nuts! I want to hear what someone is saying and he goes and interrupts them. I even sent him a tweet about it! :)
    If you want to rant with me privately, I would love to have a pal and sounding board without worrying about offending or pissing somebody off. I can't tell you how many letters and phone calls I've fired off to senators and members of Congress over the last few months. It's maddening what's going on and I find myself highly irritated and in a state of utter disbelief on so many days. You can find me on twitter: @greyzoned . Send me a message anytime.

    I think I may need to check out that book you mentioned: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k! That sounds like a heavenly state of mind...

    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. Darian is very young. Only 19 1/2 years. Seems way to young to be out there defending your country, doesn't it? I think we might have a lot more in common than we knew Michele. I will follow you on twitter.

  6. Hi Paula - the main thing is you have things going on - Darian's trip to look forward to ... I hope Hayley won't miss him ... but you're helping them so much. It was good to see your brother ... but we each like our own 'mundane' way of life ... and if he'd done, as he felt, it's probably the easiest for you both ... enjoy the winding down ... cheers Hilary

    1. Harley does miss Darian but she has been handling it well. A new boyfriend helps!!

  7. I do know about how traveling tires one out. I'm doing less and less of it. Your pictures all reflect some beautiful days in your life. The heat lately has really done me in and naps are always a part of my days. Enjoy the slow and easy days. Rest up !

    1. The heat here is bearable so far. I enjoy it for the most part!

  8. My husband loved tea, but I've never been a fan. I do love water, coffee, Code Red and Baja Blast (from Taco Bell).

    Those photos of the sky are beautiful! I know what you mean about being tired a lot. Lately I've been taking afternoon naps, something I've never done before.

    I'm glad you enjoyed your time with Darian and your brother! Your menu sounds good!

    1. Harley loves Baja Blast too! I'm not that fond. My drinks are water, tea, and peach tea. With an occasional Pepsi or coke thrown in!

  9. Road trips are awesome, but exhausting. I have learned to clean my house before I go, because returning to a mess is just worst - I know I'm not going to clean it! I'm going to sleep!

    And visiting and being visited are both great, in short doses. I spent a week with an ex-roommate before we left the country. I was really worried it was too long, but she insisted it was fine. In my experience, about 3 days is long enough.

    1. Short doses is the answer to both, I think!

  10. I hope you get all rested up and just do some stuff for yourself! :)

  11. You are so welcome. I'm glad that you had a nice visit with your brother and I'm sure you are chomping at the bit to get Darien home for a couple of weeks.

    1. Yes I am but we have to wait a bit yet, I guess!


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