Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Last Week of April Life List


Today is a typical spring day in Kansas. It is sometimes sunny and sometimes cloudy. The temp is 63* which is not as warm as I would like for it to be. There isn't much of a wind today, but yesterday was another story. Thought we might blow away. And we have storms forecast for after 9 p.m. tonight! Yipee! My favorite way to "not" go to sleep. Wondering if there will be a tornado to take us away!! Oh springtime in Kansas....


Pondering is what I do best! I ponder a lot! I can ponder in the morning, ponder in the evening, ponder all day and night!! Okay, okay enough of that. I am pondering whether my lawn mower battery is going to be charged by the end of the day. Or will I be buying a new lawn mower battery. I guess I should have started it more often during the winter. (Sorry, Fred) Harley and I went out to mow on Sunday and the riding mower wouldn't start. A really tall, handsome man came to help me with it on Monday. We jumped it from his truck and I finished what Harley hadn't done with the push mower, drove it into the garage, turned it off and that was it. Wouldn't start again! So, that same tall, handsome man came and put a battery charger on it this morning. After 5-6 hours I will see what happens. And maybe I should invest in a portable battery charger! Do you think? 


Learning is something we never stop doing! Right? I watched carefully as the battery charger was attached to my mower (jumped and squealed a bit when it was attached to the truck and the sparks flew) and hopefully I will be able to do it myself in the future. Wish me luck. If I don't come back here to write then you will know I didn't do it right!! Just kidding.


Today I created a Crockpot of ham and beans and a pan of corn muffins. Harley will not be thrilled with my choice for dinner, but she can eat a ham sandwich, I guess. 


I am still reading Before The Fall by Noah Hawley, Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman (book club meets this Thursday, then I will probably say I gave this book my best shot and put it away). I like poetry. Just not this kind of poetry!


I am watching the new season of Dancing With The Stars. I love to watch the ballroom dances. And I love the judges! Especially Len. He is my favorite. I haven't really picked a favorite yet but I was quite disgusted that Maks & Heather were eliminated last night. They had a perfect score for their dance and have never been at the bottom of the leader board, so I'm not sure how that happened. I wish they would take the public out of the show and just allow them to watch. Not vote! I often think the best dancer is eliminated and the most popular wins the trophy! Do you watch DWTS?


I am hearing MSNBC news in the background. And the bubbling of my fish tank. I need to add water to the tank so it won't be so noisy. Note to self: do that when you are done here!!


ready to dance
A beautiful dress
getting her wrist corsage
This is officially the new boyfriend
putting on the jewels

the 'do'

Official basic training photograph

Paige and her date

Paige's 'do'

Paige and her daddy


Monday...Harley worked

Tuesday...Ham & Beans, cornbread

Wednesday..Harley will eat at church

Thursday...Grilled Chicken Salad


Saturday...Harley is going to prom (again)

Sunday...Chicken Cordon Blue


peek into my week...

Yikes, it is already Tuesday! And this is the last week of April. I have an order to pick up at Walmart and a couple of letters to mail. So we will go run an errand soon. Tomorrow Harley will go to church (and I will watch Survivor) On Thursday I hope to get started back on my "big surprise". Or the surprise is going to be on me. LOL!! On Friday we will just chill. Then Saturday will be a repeat of last Saturday as Harley will be going to another prom. This time with the friend from church. (Not a boyfriend) I do not yet know if Paige and Justin will be over but if they are we will hang out with them on Sunday!

A final thought...

I have no final thoughts this week. I am doing good just to get this posted. I am a day late, if you noticed. Hope you are all fine! 


  1. It's been that kind of week already, hasn't it? Love the quote.

    I heard something about the DWTS brouhaha. I don't watch the show. Sorry it happened.

  2. What beautiful gowns both girls have! Just lovely. My suggestion for the lawnmower is....keep the very tall handsome man on speed dial if for no other reason than the scenery! Such a nice official basic training photo! If you can't finish Leaves of Grass, at least read the very last piece "Goodbye My Fancy", it may (or may not) speak your your heart. Getting cold here this week, even for Minnesota!

    1. Yes, they were both beautiful. I only saw Paige through pictures as she lives in a different town than us. Her dress is two-piece. Ha! Ha! That handsome man is my brother and he is on speed-dial!! I read Goodbye My Fancy! I will admit it made me cry!! :)

  3. I love both girls' gowns, they are absolutely lovely! :)

  4. I love catching up with you.
    I have watched DWTS, but now that our American TV apps are not reliable, we didn't get into it. It's a shame. Brett was very interested the Mr. T was going to be on!

    Glad you are getting your head back above water. Just keep treading...

    1. That is what I do best, tread!! Mr. T Was fun to watch. Sadly he just didn't have it. But he had a great attitude.

  5. What beautiful (and handsome) young people! The sneakers crack me up!
    In all seriousness, the resolve in Darian's expression makes me feel so proud (and humbled) to be an American.

    1. He makes me so proud. It has been a long haul to get him where he is! She loved her sneakers too!!

  6. Did she wear the sneakers with the dress? You go girl if she did! Lovely couples both of them for prom! Great picture of Darian!!


    1. Yes, she did wear those sneakers!! She is not a heels person (takes after granny there) and her date is already shorter than she is (she is 5'8 1/2") I love the pic of Darian too!!

  7. Are you sure you aren't draining that battery on purpose just to see that really tall, handsome man? 😉 The girls and their dates all look beautiful!
    Perspectives at Life & Faith in Caneyhead

    1. Ha! Ha! Now I might if he wasn't my brother!! Thank you from the girls!

  8. Hi Paula - lovely lovely photos ... wonderful memories ... all the best - Hilary and thanks for the visit ...

  9. Beautiful young ladies and beautiful dresses!

  10. I am a huge fan of Dancing with the Stars! I love the music, dancing, judges, pros. I seldom know who the "stars" are, but since I don't watch for them it is ok. As far a judging, I agree, including the audience votes creates a popularity contest mostly. I think the show would suffer if the audience vote was entirely eliminated. I think it would work best if they used only the judges votes for 2/3s of the show and then included the audience votes towards the end.

    Your grand kids look lovely! Such a beautiful family.

    1. I think the show would be okay without the audience involvement. Other reality shows do okay without viewers input. I wish they could figure out a way to make it something besides a popularity contest. Thank you for your kind words

  11. What pretty girls and gowns!! It is fun to see them looking so beautiful! Love the "dos" too!
    I do watch DWTS, I fell asleep last night so I have not seen it all yet...I kinda like Boomer and that older guy is his name Dave? AND Nancy!! I have it on the DVR, maybe I will watch it later.
    Since Ozzie is gone my zest for Survivor is almost gone. :( :(

    1. Thank you FSOF! I was not an Ozzie fan so I was glad to see him go! I really don't have a favorite on either show so far!

  12. Both gowns are beautiful! I've never watched DWTS.

  13. How sweet with young ladies and their proms. No dinner menu just for you? I watch DWTS too and with so many of the guys not being half as good as the girl who had to leave, I agree. It is a shame that you have to both be able to dance and also have a fan base to succeed.

    1. I just grab whatever is a leftover for those nights when Harley isn't here. She's not much of a leftover eater.

  14. I really enjoy reading about the ordinary everyday moments of your life. The girls look absolutely beautiful!
    I have watched DWTS for the last few seasons and really love that show. We don't have cable so I have been watching it on my ipad app. This year, however, the station decided not to put that show on the app.. so I haven't been watching. Boo hoo. I really enjoy the life stories shared by the dancers. So interesting!

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Sorry you are missing DWTS.


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