Monday, February 13, 2017

A Picture Filled Life List


Hard to believe it is winter in Kansas. We are sitting at 50* right now and it is just a bit past noon. This weather is to last the rest of this week. Up to 70* in the latter part of the week. Just crazy!


Bet you don't know what I'm pondering, do you? Or if you know me well then you know that today is the day Darian ships out of Oklahoma City to his basic training in the Army! I haven't yet heard that he is headed to the airport but he is supposed to do his final swearing in at 11:00. The Sgt. told us yesterday that no news is good news! 
(just got a text that he has sworn in and now waiting to leave for airport) 


If there is ever a time that I will need to learn about patience it is now. And that is not a virtue of mine. I am a worrier! I worry about everything. Even if there isn't anything I can do about it, I worry about it. I think a lot of us are like that! Anyway I know I am not alone.


Still creating space! This will be ongoing for awhile. There is a lot of crap in this house! Believe me! A Lot! 


I am reading Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton. This is our February book club choice. There will be a lot to talk about on book club night! I like the book club on You Tube idea! Don't have to change clothes. Can drink a few glasses of wine and not worry about driving home. And I can make faces or disagree with people without them even knowing. Can it get anymore fun than that?? I am also listening to Belong To Me by Marisa de los Santos. A freebie on Nook audible. Good, so far!


I haven't watched much of anything new lately. Just the regular shows I follow.


At the moment, The Chew is on as background noise. Making me think of dinner plans. My planned menu probably won't work because Harley's schedule changed and she will be home tonight. I need to make a Target run so maybe we'll just grab a burger before we head home. She was lucky enough to cut her hours (for this week anyway) back to Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. They are getting a new manager so we will see how that holds up. 


Ever the goof ball!

Love his shirt

hanging out with the cousin

at the Army office

final instructions

Paige has his "unacceptable shaving cream"

final hugs

more hugs

Uncle Justin and Darian

And one last hug

packing his liquids


I'm not drinking anything at the moment. But I'm thinking about it!


Monday...Burgers out!

Tuesday...Sloppy Joes


Thursday...Chicken Pot Pie


Saturday...Baked Chicken

Sunday...Crockpot Beef Stroganoff


A final thought...

Happy Valentine's Day to all my family and friends! 


  1. Wishing Darian a great boot camp experience. It'll be hard, but very much worth it. Hugs to you Paula, I know how much you'll miss him while he's away.

  2. Good luck to Darian. And good luck to you on clearing out all your stuff. That is a big job.

    1. It is more than 30 years of accumulation in one house Liz!

  3. Yes, we worriers are here, there and everywhere. I feel awful, remembering how I'd chastise my mother ... roll my eyes when she'd do the same thing. 'Just wish mine would learn to sleep through the night.

    Your take on the YouTube book club cracks me up!

    Happy Valentine's Day to youuuuuu :)

  4. Happy Valentine's Day to you too Paula! I am sure Darian will do just fine. I did say a prayer for him this morning; will try to daily during his training. I too am such a worrier; it gets me no place, but I still worry :)


    1. I wonder why we do such things Betty! Thank you for your prayers!

  5. Don't worry about Darien. The army has his back now.

  6. Hard to let them go! I won't tell you not to worry ......

  7. You know your blog buddies can pretty much do the drinking and face-making when they type comments to you, don't you? :-D. You crack me up. But aww, the goodbye hugs tugged at my heart. Darian will be okay. He found something he wanted. Loved his shirt! I'm sure the Army will keep close tabs on him. I will pray for his protection while he serves to protect us all. Happy Valentine's Day to you!

    1. LOL! Are you making faces at me right now?? Yes, the Army will make him be stand up straight. And that makes me happy. I want him there!! Thanks for the prayers

  8. Good luck for Darian. No worries about him. He will take care.

  9. Hi Paula - well done Darian and well done you and the family being there for him - he's doing pretty well by the sound of it ... Good luck with your patience ... no news is always good news. He has your love ... with thoughts - Hilary

  10. Oh my. How those pictures stirred up some memories of my Marine son when he was 19. He is noe 43. It seems like a life time away and yet it feels like just yesterday. My prayers go out to him (and you) as he starts this new chapter in his life. He carries everything you taught him and it is all he needs.

    1. Thank you Elaine. I hope he carries it with him. I know he will do alright!

  11. I well remember when my 2nd son, the only one to join the military, left home. It was a real treat when I got to go and visit him when he graduated basic training. I well relate to cleaning out a lot of stuff. I've been doing it here for 2 and 1/2 months but it's almost done. Just a few craft items to sort through now. I had way too much, still do but can't let go of it all . Hope you have a wonderful week!

  12. Happy Valentines day!!
    God Bless Darian and all our armed forces. I know you're worried but he will be fine. Pour a glass of wine and listen to your youtube book club and relax. :)

  13. Sounds like quite the week for you. Very emotional when they go off to bootcamp.

  14. I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Love Warrior. I have heard the author speak on a podcast or two, but I haven't read her book. I read her first one, though.. Carry On Warrior, several years ago.
    It's hard to say goodbye to a loved one who's moving away; I'm thinking it's especially hard if he's going to bootcamp-- quite the experience! And he'll miss you, too! I hope you're able to keep in contact with him, which may help you not to worry too much.
    Hope you had a good Valentine's day.

  15. Just read the synopsis of Love Warrior; sounds very interesting. I'll add it to my already lengthy list of books to read. I too have way too much crap in my house. Hopefully this is the year both of us get rid of it all! Best of luck to Darian and try not to worry too much. I know you will have to worry some; if you're like my mom, worry is a badge of love :)

  16. All the best to Darian - loved the picss - they said it all :) Of course you'll worry but having the girls there will help and you must be feeling immensely proud too. All the best to you and your family :) Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

  17. My best to Darian, he WILL be okay! It will be hard for a bit until you get settled with all the changes that happen when someone is away from home.
    Oh I love your quote! That was me is better and I got a few things accomplished....not exactly a fire but at least a flame:)


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