Sunday, June 19, 2016

A Hot, Hot Life List


It is hot here in Kansas. Really, really hot. We have seen highs in the 90's and low 100's this past week. With lots of humidity. Doesn't look like we are going to get a break in the days ahead. This morning I was awakened when the power went off. NO power for a couple of hours made me pray for a cooler day. Thankfully they were able to get it back on. I suppose it is over-use that is causing the outages. For some reason we get them often here. 


Lately I have been thinking about parenting. Really! I'll bet you are all thinking it is about time I think about it!! I have been thinking about that sweet little boy in Florida that was killed by an alligator. And wondering if that could have been prevented by parents being more cautious. And thinking of the tyke and the gorilla. Was he being watched closely enough? Then I was remembering some of the times my own rambunctious boys would get away from me. How quickly it happens. And how lucky we were. Danger is lurking around all the corners of our lives. We have to be super vigilant! Don't we? 


I'm learning that I worry just as much about my grandchildren as I used to worry about my boys. Especially when they are driving. Paige drove over from 


The grand girls and I are going to create a Fairy Garden. Have you seen them?? So cute. Here's a link to get you started. How To Start A Fairy Garden

This would look perfect in my Gerber Daisy Bed. I have been gatering ideas for awhile now. See my Fairy Gardening Board on Pinterest for more ideas.


I am reading Windfallen by JoJo Moyes. Just started and having some trouble getting into it so far!


Harley and I watched Tuck Everlasting Saturday. Was a cute movie about a family who drinks from a stream and achieves immortality. Have you seen it? I think she told me it came out in the early 1980's.


Right now I am hearing Pirates of the Caribbean on TV. Harley is IN LOVE with Johnny Depp. Eh! 


This photo is not currently on my camera, duh! But I recently ran across it when looking for other pictures. This picture with my siblings and I was taken in the later 1960's. Brother Chuck was home on leave from the Navy. Mom had made the sailor tops for my sister and me. Oh so many, many years (and miles) ago!


Harley just brought me a tall glass of iced tea. Brewed today with Luzianne Cold Brew Tea bags. I usually buy Lipton but decided to give these a try. Guess what?? I like these better. Such a pure, crisp tea flavor.,


Monday...Beef Stroganoff

Tuesday...Spaghetti Pie

Wednesday...Sloppy Joes

Thursday...Mexican Beef $ Rice Skillet

Friday...Hamburger Casserole

Saturday...Roast, potatoes, carrots

Sunday...Grabbing a burger out (maybe)


Isn't this the truth?


In my continued effort to look forward this year we are cleaning out some things in the hall closet that belonged to Richard. He was such a collector of 'stuff'. All kinds of stuff!

Happenings in my backyard...

We have had so much rain lately. So the grass is constantly growing and needing mowed. That will be one the list this week. Two nights ago I was up in the middle of the night and paused at the dining room window to watch two small deer grazing in my garden area. They were quite small but probably were mama deer. We've seen the red fox a couple of more times. And on her way to the mailbox last week Harley took a picture of a prairie dog in our front yard. Sadly, she deleted the picture. Wish it was that easy to delete the prairie dog!!

A peek into my week...

Another busy week for this taxi driving granny. Harley will have basketball and weight lifting a couple of times. She works every day for a couple of hours in the afternoon. Darian is Cross-fitting (I'm too nice to let him run to the gym which thankfully is not very far from our house. He's also working out with the Marine Poolees. We have a Basketball fund raiser on Saturday! Do you think I'll be ready for school to start? Or find the funds to get a second car so Darian can do the driving back and forth??

A final thought...

Today we had a great Father's Day. Justin and Paige came over. We hadn't seen Justin in two weeks. We cooked steaks on the grill, roasted potatoes, broccoli with cheese, salad. And had New York Cheesecake for dessert. Who can be cranky when you have good food like that. Paige's job (and boyfriend) will probably keep them away more weekends. So we will be happy with the time we can spend with them!!


  1. Hot temps for you guys! I won't say at one time it was 123 degrees here when we were driving around :)

    I love the fairy garden and the girls wanting to work on it together! Sounds like such a wonderful Father's Day!


    1. Ye gads! 123* I cannot imagine. We did have a wonderful Father's Day!

  2. I was thinking about the children who died recently as well. I think the DisneyWorld one could not have been avoided. The child was in the water and alligators can be very very fast. Florida has tons of alligators. My aunt lives in Ponce Inlet - a block from the ocean and has had alligators in her yard on occasion. I can't even fault Disney. It is such a terrible terrible tragedy and I don't know how parents can go through each day with that memory. I feel so bad for them.

    The child and the gorilla - it sounds a bit different. It does sound like a parent had not kept a close eye on the child - there were barriers. That doesn't mean you can't get passed them. And this child did, sadly. I feel very badly for those parents as well. I am not a big fan of zoos. I believe wild animals belong in the wild - I don't think the benefits man gets from seeing wild animals up close balance off the suffering of those animals.

    Both stories were sad beyond words.

    1. I love zoos! I think many zoos save animals that would not have survived in the wild. But that is just my opinion. And I like seeing animals I would otherwise never get to see. Do you think it could have been prevented if the child hadn't been in the water?? There was a no swimming sign posted. And yes, the kid with the gorilla was just total lack of attention on mom's part! In my opinion!

    2. Florida has a lot of gators. And DisneyWorld has a whole lot of water ways - and land. Maybe a sign alerting out-of-town guests to the possible wild life might have helped (this family was from the midwest??), but you could have gators show up anywhere in Florida - even at the beach. I don't think a no swimming sign is a viable option. It is sort of like shark attacks at the ocean - rare. In Disney's history I think this is the first gator attack - so that is more rare than shark attacks. Just a terrible terrible tragedy.

      I think zoos can be good and bad. Good for education and saving rare species. But those animals are totally dependent on humans for their survival and generally the animals do a better job of taking care of themselves than humans do. Especially the primates and the large animals that roam - like elephants. People fall short in their care all the time because we can't possibly provide the same environment. Zoos make me sad. But I am oversensitive individual when it comes to animals. I know that.

    3. Yes, Florida has a lot of gartors. I'm from the midwest and even I know that. But it was tragic. Hopefully one a lot of people are learning from. I still believe it was an avoidable tragic accident!! Same as shark attacks, for the most part. I love zoos. They make me happy, not sad at all. I know a lot of people who are overly sensitive when it comes to animals. Nothing wrong with that!!

  3. I love the fairy garden idea. What a fun thing to do. Hope you take some picture to share of yours. Glad your electricity wasn't out for long. Being a parent is something that sticks with us forever. I haven't had any of my children here at home in a long time now. They only come for visits but still it's a job that lasts forever.

    1. I promise to take pictures. Yes being a parent never stops. My kids had been away a few years when Darian and Harley arrived. They were 10 and 8 when they got here. Will be 8 years this coming December!!

  4. Now I will spend the rest of the day imagining the ending to the paragraph...Paige drove over from..... Oh the stories I will weave LOL

    1. LOL! I didn't even realize I hadn't finished that thought. I was just going to say that Paige drove over last week and stayed overnight with us. And I was worried the entire time she was on the highway! It was her first solo trip!

  5. I have seen the fairy garden pieces at the nursery. So much fun to see what they've done with them. Will look forward to seeing what the girls come up with. As I continue with my longish bookish break, let me express my thanks for all you've shared, recipes, thoughts, your inspirational quotes, your path of widowhood, caregiving for your grands, and other 'stuff' I've learned from you like cold brew tea. I found some today and made it!

    1. I can't wait to get started with the fairy garden! It will be fun and cute. I don't know how much Paige will get to work on it now that she has a job. She will be working for most of the summer. I hope you enjoy you bookish break, but please promise to visit often!!

  6. Love those sailor's blouses your mom fashioned! Y'all look so cute!

    I think that alligator attack was horrific accident, and I'd like to bite the faces off those people who are pointing fingers. Someone wrote an excellent op-ed piece on FB comparing this tragedy with those 15-20 years ago ... pointing out that parents actually supported one another in their time of grief instead of casting blame.

    Stay cool!

    1. I think it is true that parents used to support each other better. However, if a sign said "no swimming" I don't think I would let my kid wade either. But that's just me. And I am pretty over-protective! It was a horrific accident, for sure.

  7. Keep cool and take good care. I've been saying a prayer (or two!) for my friends living through the heat wave. It was high 80s here and pretty comfortable. The air is not good, however, and I'm keeping my asthmatic self in tonight with the air conditioner.

    1. We are mostly staying home. Except when I am taxiing the kiddos. Staying in is the best policy!

  8. Sounds as if life is good, though a little hectic, except for the heat. We are having the same thing here in SE Texas. I thought my air conditioner in my car was on the blitz. Pete checked it out this weekend. Full of Freon. Turned out, my in dash air filter was filthy and the stack of Duncan Donuts paper napkins I had stuck in the glove box was blocking the air flow. I was factory cold on the way home today. :)

    Love the quote! Very true.

    Barbara from Life & Faith in Caneyhead

    1. My car A/C hasn't worked for a couple of years. And I don't want to pay to have it fixed. I just keep telling myself 'summer doesn't last that long'. I should check out my glove box!! Stay cool!

  9. The book Tuck Everlasting did come out in the '80s, I think. The movie is much more recent.

    What is spaghetti pie?

    It got pretty hot here, too, over the weekend and on Monday. Thankfully, it's cooled off a bit now.

    1. It is a spaghetti casserole cooked in a pie dish and sliced like pie. You can click on the link and see the recipe!! I hope you are getting cooler in California!

  10. I think I might follow this format and post later today. I actually have answers to most of these!
    On your quote - I keep seeing about how strong people have been through a lot. I have often been called a "strong, independent woman" and I am. But Imust say, I do not think I have been truly tried in the crucible of life. I haven't "overcome adversity" - I just deal with life.

    Maybe some people are strong because they have no choice but to rise to the challenges they face, but in my case, I think I'm strong because I was raised that way.

    1. (what's your pinterest handle? I'll follow you)

    2. I found your Life list today! Loved it. I am MrsPaulaKaye on Pinterest. I would love to have you follow. I waste so much time over there!! I'm strong because of being raised by a strong mother. And the things I have been dealt in life!!


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