Monday, September 7, 2015

My Simple Woman's Daybook-Septemer 7th Edition

Happy Labor Day to all! I don't know if other countries recognize this holiday but here in the USA we are having a three day weekend in honor of the working people. And to all of you who are working today...God Bless you! I have worked many a holiday in my life. Today I am relaxing at home with my grandkiddos!!
For Today... 
It is Monday, September 7, 2015. Labor Day! A little after 1:00 a.m. here and I am not sleeping. I must be crazy. I didn't even take a nap today.

Outside my window...

Outside my window it is dark. Very dark. Except I can see my driveway because the light over the garage is on. It was hot here on Sunday. Over 96*. Right now the A/C is on and my feet are cold. I need to go check out the thermostat and see where it is setting. Did you miss me? Geez it was setting on 68* Must have gotten bumped sometime today. Or someone was hot and bumped it to 68*. I have been keeping it at 73*. It is supposed to be 98* today and then we will be dropping into the low to mid 80's. With clouds and possible rain. Of course the State Fair starts on Friday so it will get rainy. Never fails.

I am thinking...

I am thinking about the Fair coming to town. Harley asked me tonight if I was going to let her go alone (with friends, read that to mean: "not with you granny). I haven't yet decided. The Fair brings in lots and lots of people of all sorts of character. She thinks I am over-protective. And I probably am. But still....


I am thankful...

I am thankful for my family. Always so thankful. Justin made some amazing hamburgers last night on the grill. Grilled to perfection. So juicy. And he added a dollop of cream cheese to the top of each burger. To die for!!

On the TV.....

Right now it is an infomercial for Ninja the NutriBlender. I left the remote over by my chair so it will have to stay on this channel until I get up from the desk. I have watched hours and hours of infomercials for all kinds of products. I have bought Proactive, Victoria Principal's Skin Care, a ThighMaster, an AbRoller, Billy Blanks Taebo tapes, Dancing to the Oldies (Richard Simmons), Time Life Books, Blu Blocker Sunglasses, Genie Bras, and a Slap Chop! That is probably not a complete list but it is what I can remember at 1:30 in the morning!! Are you a sucker for infomercials? I had to quit watching. Why? Because I believed everything they say. How many products from infomercials do you own? 

I am creating...

Now it is Monday. I am creating my blog post for today. And my weekly menu!

I am going...

I am going to mow the grass. We are looking at possible rain the rest of the week. Darian and Harley are here to share the weed-eating chore.

I am wondering...

I am wondering what others are doing for Labor Day! Do you have plans?

I am reading...

I am reading Small Mercies by Eddie Joyce. I am almost finished with it. Watch for my review!

I am hoping...

I am hoping I get on with my "To Do" list today and not fritter away my time on the computer.

I am learning...

This week I learned a bit about how a house is electrically wired. We had a bit of a occurrence here. When Darian unplugged his computer charger from a wall outlet in his room all the remaining wall outlets after than one would not work. I thought that was the strangest thing ever. My oldest brother, the Electrician, told me how that would be possible. Now all we have to do is correct the problem. Switch out the outlet in Darian's room with a new outlet! Aha!!

In my garden...

There is nothing going on in the garden. I will be looking into getting some mums later this week. Yellows and oranges are my favorite colors for mums. Maybe the dark rust colors too! What are your favorites??

In my kitchen...
Monday... Leftovers (clean out the fridge)
Tuesday... Sloppy Joes, chips, pickles
Wednesday...Cream Cheese Chicken
Thursday...Baked Tacos
Saturday...Mexican Chicken Chili

I am listening to....

I am listening to General Hospital. Harley is catching up with what she missed last week. I told her you can watch General Hospital once a month and still know what is going on. That is how slow time moves in a soap opera. Don't we all wish time moved that slow?

A favorite quote for today...

In honor of Labor Day!

A peek into my week...

Today we will mow the grass and catch up on some chores inside the house. Tuesday I need to go to the bank and run some errands. Then we will go order Darian's letter jacket! Wednesday is church day! Thursday Darian has Debate practice until 8. Friday not much going on. The weekend so far is free. Justin is working so Paige and he won't be over. And that is how my week is going. What plans do you have this week?

One of my favorite things...

One of my guilty pleasures is watching Big Brother. This season has been crazy. It is probably the first season that I don't care who wins. All of these people seem a bit on the needy (emotionally) side. Do you have a guilty pleasure?


Post Script

Harley and I played with the "Crazy Helium Booth" app on her Ipod this week. Here is the result: (P.S. only meant to be funny!!)


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  1. I am not sure my parents would have permitted me to go the the fair only with friends at age sixteen, and that was almost sixty years ago.
    We have used the A/C more these last two weeks than all summer. Ours stays at 80 for the summer. And, no higher than 68 in the winter.

    1. My mom wouldn't have allowed me to go either. We went once in my entire growing up years and it was all five of us kids together. And we weren't allowed to wander away from the brothers. But I still had fun. 80* thermostat is too hot for me!! And I keep mine mostly close to 68* in the winter too!

  2. OMG, that video is a panic! :)

    A 73-degree setting sounds heavenly! We're on APS' energy-savings plan where weekdays between 12N and 7p our thermostat's set at 83; when I go to bed, I crank it down to 79. I don't know about y'all, but Arizona's electricity bills are outrageous.

    'Anxious to know what you decide on Harley's fair visit! If it were the Arizona State Fair I'd vote, "H*** NO!", but ours is in a sketchy part of town and there's a long history of gang fights and such. I like to think Hutchinson is a nicer place to be ... and she'd be going in daylight, right?

    PS - I never heard of putting cream-cheese on burgers before, but it sounds delish!

    1. OMG! I guess I am spoiled. I couldn't stand having the thermostat set at 83* Or 79*. None of my electric bills have been over $300. month this summer. Last summer the month of August was. I had never heard of cream cheese on a hamburger either but it was very good. Haven't decided the Harley issue yet!

  3. That app is hilarious! I've had so much fun with it! I can't believe Vanessa hasn't been voted out yet! And Austin has a horrible social game. I think Johnny Mac is hilarious. The twins need to be split up!

    1. I can't believe she hasn't been voted out either. I fear she will win. Looks like this might be the week the twins will be split up! Yes, we have had a blast with that app!

  4. It always rains for the fair there? Around here, it's always the hottest. The Los Angeles County Fair starts about now, and that's when it always heats up. Same for the Orange County Fair, but that's in July. (The LA County Fair has the best commercials. Hunt them down on YouTube for a good laugh.)

    1. I will check out those commercials. Ours are pretty funny here too! Hope you had a nice Labor Day

  5. Happy Labor Day, Paula! We are in the mid 90's. The baby torts had to come in.

    1. It was almost 100* here today. But we did get the yard work done. And then it rained!

  6. In Sweden they socialists still celebrate workers on the fist of May. Red flags and lots of speeches. I wrote a response to your comment on my blog. You are right, things take its own time, different for each one of us, but still valid. And don't think I'm not overwhelmed and cry a lot. I do. But at 75, I just need to move toward some happiness and some peace. So I try to move forward and I do enjoy my projects, at least some of them.

    1. Thank you so much Inger! I am almost 65 so I do understand the need to find some happiness. I understand the crying a lot too!

  7. It was different times, but when I was in 9th grade, my best friend and me went to the San Diego Fair, which was 30 miles away from where we lived. We had to take several buses to get there (ultimately a Greyhound type shuttle that we picked up at a shopping center). Those were the days before cell phones, LOL. We spent all day there and then met up with her parents who came after work and they spent some time at the fair then drove us home. I would be more apt to let someone go alone during the day to the fair, but not sure about evening hours. So hard to let them grow up! I can't believe its Labor Day already! I worked for about 6-1/2 hours before work ran out, but it was nice because it was time and a half :)


    1. Ah time and a half enticed me to work many a holiday!! Yes, Betty, I agree that times were different. Having a cell phone will make it easier. And I haven't yet decided if I will allow her to go.

  8. I'm still laughing out loud from the helium video. Thanks for starting my day off with a belly laugh.

    1. Anytime Wendy! I laugh every single time I play it! So much fun. That remark of Harley's "master debater" took me off guard. Could you tell?

  9. That video is so awesome!!!! I cracked up and had to watch it again.
    I think if you let her go during the day and have her text you or call on the hour , she should be fine. I know times have changed so much. When I was in junior high, my friends and I would take the bus to the mall and spend all day there by ourselves. There was also an ice skating rink attached. Maybe you go too but go different directions but still be there.

    1. We had fun with it too Holli! I don't know yet what I will do. Hell if I am being honest I don't even like to let Darian go without me. And he is almost 18 and wanting to join the Marines!

  10. I actually did go to the state fair with friends at 16, and that was including the 100 mile drive to get there! That was 30 years ago, though, and times are a little more hazardous now.
    I was really hoping to get to the fair this year to take photos, but it looks like we're not going to be able to go again for financial reasons. (have missed it for the last 8 years or so)
    Hope you have a wonderful week! (isn't this cooler weather nice !?)

    1. Yes, times have changed. I am sorry you won't make it to the fair this year. I haven't decided yet if I am going. I don't think I'll miss anything if I stay home. And it will definitely be cheaper.

  11. I enjoyed your daybook! and your food plans sound delicious!


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