Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Letters


 I cannot believe how fast the weekend descends upon us. When I was a school girl the week seemed to be forever long. As a working lady I thought that surely the weekend would never come. Now, the older I get, the days fly by and the weekend is here again. On to my letters for today......

Dear Richard:  I know that you cannot help it but the coughing is driving me crazy!
Dear local family who lost two members of their family in a house fire and the 14 year old son was arrested:  My prayers are with you. I cannot imagine what you are going through right now.
Dear NCIS:  You left me wanting more. And I don't want Ziva killed off. Do you hear me?
Dear Harley: Congratulations on being invited to join (?) the honor choir. Your voice is like an angel and I am so proud of you.
Dear Darian:  Good luck on the debate this weekend. Being 1-4 is a good start for a Novice. I am so proud of you as well.



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