Tuesday, September 24, 2013

CBS Line Up for Tuesday Evening

     We are big TV fans. We especially love cop shows at our house. Probably because we have our own personal cop whom we all love and admire. We have been anxiously looking forward to start of the new season. And today that day is here.

Season 11

     I think this year the beginning of NCIS is going to be bitterwsweet. Our beloved Ziva is preparing to leave the show.  We hated it when Kate was killed off. I sure hope they don't kill Ziva!

Season 5

     Harley likes NCIS:LA even better than Gibbs. Not sure why except she is and has always been a big fan of rap music and who doesn't love LL Cool J?  When we left off last year Deeks was being gruesomely tortured. Will he survive? We will be watching tonight to see.

Season 3

     And to finish up the evening of TV viewing, Person of Interest has switched over to Tuesdays. We love how these two use the 'machine' to save people's lives. Of course, they kill a lot of people getting there.

     So you know where we are and what we are doing on Tuesday evening. Don't call or drop in. Unless there is an emergency we won't answer the door or the phone!!

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