Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 Our Year in Review


We started out the year with birthdays.
Papa turned 79!
Darian turned 14!
Harley turned 12!
Darian went with the church group skiing in Colorado.
Piper turned 10 and Grandma got to take her to get her ears pierced.
Bad storms plagued us in the spring.
A tornado hit Wichita and Justin had to do some rescue work.
Justin and Trina boxed in St. Louis, Missouri.
I got my hair cut really short.
My best friend's husband, Doug was really sick; but recovered.
Grandma turned 61.
We spent Easter with the Schlatter Family.
Summer camps and mission trips along with swimming and gardening kept us busy
in the summer.
Tucker turned 5!
Meadow turned 2!
Grandma planted her first garden all by herself and grew awesome tomatoes.
September found Papa to be really, really ill; but he recovered.
Darian became a high school kid.
Harley and Paige entered Junior high (they call it middle school now)
Had Thanksgiving with all the family.
Well, almost all of them!
December brought Christmas and Papa being really, really sick again.
We are working on him recovering again.
Hope everyone finds happiness and health in 2013. 

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