Thursday, February 9, 2012

Remember the 50's

     What do you remember about the 1950's? I was born in 1951, so there isn't much I really remember about the early 1950's, but I have been reading and researching this and I will share what I have found. My husband graduated from high school in 1950 so he really DOES remember all this. I know, I know he is older than me a bit.
Do you know what the number one song of 1951 was? It stayed on the charts (I can't believe they even had charts back then!) for nine weeks starting on December 24, 1950 and stayed there until February 4, 1951......Patti Page singing 'Tennesse Waltz.'
I didn't know her back then.....cause I was a baby and all, but she was beautiful and boy could she sing.
But, the most popular song of the whole year in 1951 was Perry Como singing 'If'. Sorry, Perry, I don't think I have ever heard it.
     The hairstyles of the 50's were soft, curly, and short for women. Short hair was really in then. But if you had long hair, you wore it in a pony tail and tied a scarf around it. Chic! But it was the men's hairstyle that was the talk of the town.

Can you see it now!

Fashion in the 1950's took a real change because the women were going back to being housewives and men wanted their women to look like women. Can you imagine. They emphasized their waists. Tiny! I don't know that I have seen many pictures of women who were fat in the 50's. If they weren't wearing pencil slim skirts they wore them tight in the waist and full skirts that billowed all over the place. And poodle skirts....that is what is thought of today when you think of the 1950's. I am pretty sure I would never get my grand daughter today in a poodle skirt. Now I do remember those saddle shoes.....
Saddle ShoesI HATED saddle shoes. We didn't get to wear the cute little soft saddles. Ours were hefty and BIG and made to last for a full year. Cause Mom only bought shoes for us one a year. But we didn't have them in the 1950's when they were 'in style'. No..................we wore ours in the 1960's. When they were cheap and chunky and no longer in style....oh how I hated those saddle shoes.
     Television was becoming a hit in the 1950's. Not many houses had them and if you did then you must be RICH. Anyway, that is what we thought. Grandma and Grandpa had one. It had a tiny little screen and we all sat on the floor around it on Saturday night to watch The Ed Sullivan show. And you better not let out a peep cause this was Grandpas favorite show. I HATED Ed  Sullivan back them. I don't think we got our first TV until the 1960's.
     We played outside. That is what kids did back then. You left the house in the morning and you didn't come back until dark. Except to eat. And then you didn't hang around long, cause mom would find chores for you to do.
     By the late 1950's Elvis came along. And American Bandstand. And parents thought this was all EVIL and not good for their kids. But the teens of the 1950's loved it. Not the end of 1950 I was only a snot nosed 9 year old. Heck I don't even remember most of this.
     In my family the end of the 1950's decade began badly. It was in January 1959 that my dad committed suicide and we lived for a bit with grandma. And mom went to work. And life for us changed forever. 
      I might have to look into the 1960's. Too bad I was such a baby in the 1950's. I think I could have really rocked a poodle skirt

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  1. Yes, I remember the 50's. My brother had one of those duck tail hair cuts and I had a poodle skirt. I loved those saddle shoes and have a pair of heels that remind me of them. I love all of those old songs . I love Elvis! This was a great post. Thank you for the memories!


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