Thursday, January 7, 2010

Was it this cold when I was young

We are having a cold spell right now in Kansas. As I sit here in my home office right now it is 6F outside my window.

And the wind is blowing… I don’t know how to figure wind chill but I know that makes it damn cold outside.

On  the TV this evening they have been talking about how many school closings there have been.
Because of cold weather?
What the heck is that all about?
I don’t ever remember school closing because it was too cold!
Heck, nowadays all the kids ride to school. Either in their parents cars, their own cars or on the school bus. Why do they need to close the schools because it is so cold? They have better furnaces now than they did when I went to school back in the 1950’s……
hey, that makes me sound old, doesn’t it?
I was researching here, on-line, and found that in January 1959 in Pratt, Kansas, where I grew up, the low temp was –15F………………

I am pretty certain I did not get to stay home from school.

And I am even more certain that no one drove me to school.

We walked….or perhaps that day we ran!


  1. Kids are way to soft and pampered today.

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