Sunday, June 7, 2009

What is wrong with the youth of today?

I have recently read a post somewhere wanting to know "What is wrong with our youth today?"and it got me to thinking. In my opinion, what is wrong with the youth of today is they are spoiled rotten brats. They expect (because we parents and grandparents have encouraged them to expect) to be the center of attention....Queen/King for the day and anything they do or don't do is super okay.
For instance; I recently read that psychologists were encouraging teachers to not mark papers in red ink. Why? Because red is alarming. Because red means failure. Because it might affect their self-esteem. You are kidding me, right? In the same article I read that these same people were encouraging schools to not allow children to play tag or dodge ball. The 'experts' claim that when a child is tagged or hit with the ball, they are 'out'. And being out makes them feel bad. Yep, that's right. That is what I read.

My granddaughter is playing baseball this summer and yesterday we took in a game. Guess what? Everyone gets a turn at bat! And everyone gets a position to play. No matter how many that puts on the field. No one has to sit on the bench. Might make them feel bad. But the biggest surprise of all is that no one is out. It is not three strikes and you are out. Nope it is....the ball will be pitched until they can hit it or after a certain number of pitches then they go to first base. And if the shortstop stops the balls and lobs it over to the first baseman before the batter gets there, then good for them but the batter is not out. Nope...being out might hurt their feelings. And we sure don't want to hurt their feelings. And at the end of the season everyone in the league gets a trophy just because they participated. No more can we recognize a player cause he is darn good. Nope we have to recognize all of them. Cause we don't want anyone to feel bad.

And then there is this phenomena of birthday parties. Let us see who can have the greatest, bestest, most over the top birthday party. Parents will rent buildings, tents, or places of business. They will pick the kids up in a limo. There are entire industries that are built around children's birthdays.....Build-a-Bear for instance. For $38,000 you can even rent the famed toy store FAO Schwartz for a sleepover. Parents start to agonize at the birth of their babies about that first birthday party and if it will measure up. And now if you throw a party or attend a party there is the expectation of the 'goody bag' so that each child can take something home. When I was growing up we were lucky if we got a cake, let alone a pile of presents, a cake the size of a wedding cake, and goody bags.

So we wonder what is wrong with the kids of today. We have made them into royalty. We coddle them, revere them, praise them at all times. We never let them lose. We have made it all about 'the kids'. Is it any wonder they throw a tantrum when they don't get their way. Is it any wonder they cannot cope with a bad grade, a lost game, or an ugly remark made by their best friend? It is time that parents take the parenting role away from their kids and be in charge again. It didn't hurt me to hear the word' no'. It didn't hurt me to lose a game. I tried harder the next time to win. So in answer to what is wrong with the youth of is us! That is what is wrong.

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  1. Isn't political correctness a farce? And parents wonder why their kids fail at life.
    Morning Sis. 12:15 am Monday


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