Friday, February 13, 2009

Travel with me on the Road of Optimism

"Don't evaluate your life in terms of achievements, trivial or monumental, along the way....Instead, wake up and appreciate everything you encounter along your path. Enjoy the flowers that are there for your pleasure. Tune in to the sunrise, the little children, the laughter, the rain, and the birds. Drink it all in...there is no way to happiness; happiness is the way."

Dr. Wayne W. Dye

This quote especially touched me when I read it. I often think in terms of all the bad things that happen to me. But we do have to stop and smell the flowers. Watch in awe as we see the sunrise or the sunset. Listen quietly as the birds sing. And pay attention to the little children. They have so much to tell us . Recently we have had two of our grandchildren move in with us. It has not been easy. I work full time. My husband is elderly and not well. I saw it as a burden but one that I have had to carry as I have felt that part of their problem was my fault as I must not have done a very good job of raising their daddy or he would be a better father to them. But this week when the girl did something that made me laugh out loud, then put her little arms around my neck and gave me the biggest hug, I thought to myself: We are blessed to have these kiddos with us. They are teaching us so much. Their love for us is pure and honest and they make no demands on us. The do not question our motives. They are just happy to be out of the situation they were in and in our home. They haven't asked for anything. They know that we love them. And they love us back unconditionally. And it is wonderful! Now that is optimism.

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  1. Aww I so needed this as well! That is just beautiful!! Thank youf or sharing!


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